Aromatic foldamers: engineering molecular shape

17Sept2018 15:00


Speaker: Prof. Ivan Huc (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Munich)


Aromatic amide oligomers constitute a distinct and promising class of synthetic foldamers – oligomers that adopt stable folded conformations. Single helical structures are predictable and constitute convenient building blocks to elaborate synthetic, protein-sized folded architectures. They possess a high propensity to assemble into double, triple and quadruple helices, or to form sheet-like structures. Cavities can be designed that enable them to act as artificial receptors and molecular motors. These foldamers also show promise in nucleic acid and protein recognition. This lecture will give an overview of the design principles of these functional molecular architectures and highlight recent developments.

Recent work of Prof. Huc


Science Park 904,  room D1.113



This lecture is sponsored by the John van Geuns Foundation.

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