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Prior to the inaugural speech of Prof. Gert-Jan Gruter on 13 June, a mini-symposium on Industrial Sustainable Chemistry is organised. Registration is required.

Detail Summary
Date 13 June 2018
Time 12:30

Programme mini-symposium

Venue: Doelenzaal, University Library (Singel 425, Amsterdam)

12.00 Lunch buffet
12.30 Prof dr Joost Reek: Five years of Sustainable Chemistry as one of the 20 Research Priority Areas of the UvA
13.00 Dr Heather Leslie (VU): The problem of microplastics (quantification) in our oceans
13.30 Tom van Aken (Avantium): Commercializing sustainable technologies. What it takes.
14.00 Break
14.30 Prof dr Bas Haring (UL): The challenges of communicating science to non-scientists specifically on climate change/ sustainable packaging bio-based/biodegradable etc...
15.00 Prof Dr Emmo Meijer (Top Sector Chemie). Where are we heading?

Programme inaugural speech

Venue: Aula (Oude Lutherse Kerk, Singel 411, corner Spui,  Amsterdam)

16.00 Inaugural speech Gert-Jan Gruter: The opportunity of Sustainable Materials
  Drinks afterwards