Public outreach and media coverage 2014

TEDx Amsterdam

During the 2014 Tedx Amsterdam event UvA scientists featured at the parallel program at VondelCS. Amsterdam Science Park and the University of Amsterdam hosted a series of talks and mini lectures on science and technology there.

Jan van Maarseveen at Radar

On 4 November 2014 Jan van Maarseveen appeared in tv program Radar, where consumers are briefed about products and services. Van Maarseveen comments on the difference between various types of bottled vitamin C which are for sale.

Interview with Aart Kleijn in Chemisch2Weekblad

An interview with former HIMS-director Aart Kleijn titled 'Een Amsterdammer in Chengdu' appeared in Chemisch2Weekblad, edition C2W16 - 26 September 2014, page 74 (in Dutch).

Early this year Kleijn raised the Center of Interface Dynamics for Sustainability in Chengdu, China.

Interview with Bob van der Zwaan in Parool and Folia Web

Will windmills ever turn out to be profitable? In this interview Bob van der Zwaan, professor in Sustainable Energy Technology at the Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS) gives his opinion.

Sunscreen research in public media

HIMS researchers Wybren Jan Buma and Eric Tan feature in public media with their research in the effectiveness of sunscreen. Below is a selection of online publications.

Interview with Jan van Maarseveen in C2W12

The interview appeared in the issue of 4 July.

Interview in Mexican newspaper agency for HIMS MSc student

Carlos Hernandez Mejia

Carlos Hernandez Mejia

The research on biomass conversion of Carlos Hernandez Mejia, master student in the group of Gadi Rothenberg, was featured by an agency working for various newspapers. The agency  is in charge of collecting news and making reports about science and technology related with Mexico.

Joost Reek at De Kennis van Nu

HIMS researcher Joost Reek is interviewed for television about his plan for fuel of the future. His ambition: to get cars drive on light and water by simulating the process of leaves interacting with the sun.

Broadcasted on 18 May 2014.

Jan van Maarseveen at De Wereld Draait Door 

For many years the number of science students has decreased, but now there seems to be a sudden boost in their number. On  29 April 2014 HIMS scientist Jan van Maarseveen is one of the guests in tv talkshow De Wereld Draait Door and comments on the question if there could be a link with the tv series 'Breaking Bad', in which a chemistry teacher makes chemistry popular again by introducing crystal meth.

Jan van Maarseveen at Universiteit van Nederland

HIMS scientist Jan van Maarseveen gave a lecture series on the basics of chemistry. He explains, amongst others, why the negative image of greenhouse gas is not fully appropriate.

Maurice Aalders at Universiteit van Nederland

Forensic biophysicist Maurice Aalders gave a lecture series at the Universiteit van Nederland about the role of forensic science at detection methods. Aalders is also one of the directors of the Co van Ledden Hulsebosch Centrum, which is hosted by HIMS.

Jan van Maarseveen explains about artificial sweeteners in tv program Kassa

On 8 March HIMS scientist Jan van Maarseveen appears in a tv program item of Vara's Kassa where artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes are tested.

Article on Bioplastics in Het Parool

On 25 February 2014 an article on Bioplastics,  the invention of scientists Gadi Rothenberg and Albert Alberts, appeared in the newspaper Het Parool.

The article appeared in press and on line.

Bioplastics on Engineersonline

On Monday 24 February an article is released on Engineersonline about the very first piece of furniture consisting for 100 % out of bioplastics.

Rothenberg group features in Folia Web on bioplastic furniture

On 24 February the Executive Board of UvA-HvA was presented with a table made of 100% biobased plastics, the very first product of this material. The plastic was discovered by HIMS scientists Gadi Rothenberg and Albert Alberts.

Article on Bioplastics in De Telegraaf

On 22 Februari 2014 an article on Bioplastics of the Rothenberg group features in De Telegraaf.

Jan van Maarseveen in Noordhollands Dagblad

On 14 February an article featuring Jan van Maarseveen appeared in Noordhollands Dagblad. The occasion was the 100st Wakker Worden Kinderlezing that took place in Nemo and Van Maarseveen has lectured 4 of these.

Interview with Joost Reek in Chemisch2Weekblad

In Chemisch2Weekblad of 21 February appeared an interview with HIMS director and scientist Joost Reek.

Television interview chemistry students

Second year students Jorien Duivenvoorden and Buiske Boone have been interviewed for Dutch television (NOS op 3) on Friday, 21 February,  for a program featuring an amateur, who was found to produce mustard gas at his home in Ede.

Bioplastics project of UvA and HvA at Vara's Kassa Groen

On Tuesday, 21 January 2014, the Bioplastics project at the UvA (Group Gadi Rothenberg) and the HvA featured in Vara's television program Kassa Groen, which is focussed on sustainability.

More film and tv on the Bioplastics project can be seen on:

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11 April 2017