Public outreach and media coverage 2015

Aart Kleijn at De Kennis van Nu Radio (NRT)

On 15 December Aart Kleijn is interviewed about his work in Chengdu.

NEMO Kinderlezing on fireworks

There was various media coverage about the kinderlezing in NEMO on 13 December by Sander Kluwer and Moniek Tromp.

Katrien Keune at U-meet lecture 'Zicht op Licht'

On 29 September Katrien Keune is one of the three UvA researchers who explain how light plays a part in their recent research in the U-meet lecture  'Zicht op Licht'.

Admission is free.

Moniek Tromp in Chemical Industry Digest

Novel catalyst developed to enable gas-to-liquid technology.

Bas de Bruin in NRC

For the newspaper's section "Professor takes the exam" Professor Bas de Bruin did the chemistry exam for HAVO (Senior General Secondary Education (SGSE)).

N.B.: The link can be accessed after payment.

Jan van Maarseveen at Proefkonijnen

On 23 March Jan van Maarseveen cooks a turkey, using sublimation, in the BNN television program Proefkonijnen.

Van Maarseveen's performance at Proefkonijnen did not go unnoticed elsewhere in the media. On Tuesday 24 March one particular scene from Proefkonijnen was spotlighted in the television program De Wereld Draait Door.

PhD in the spotlight: Sander Oldenhof


Sander Oldenhof

Sander Oldenhof is a PhD student in the group of Joost Reek who will do his thesis defence on 10 March 2015

Jan van Maarseveen at Proefkonijnen

On 16 February Jan van Maarseveen appeared in the BNN television program Proefkonijnen with an issue on the physical energy from sugar.

Gadi Rothenberg on AgriHolland

On 5 February an issue appeared on AgriHolland about the STW valorisation grant of Gadi Rothenberg for the research of gaining plastic out of plants.


Gaston Richelle at Proefkonijnen

On 2 February 2015 Gaston Richelle, PhD student of Jan van Maarseveen of the Synthetic Organic Chemistry group, appeared in the television program Proefkonijnen.

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11 April 2017