Public outreach and media coverage 2016

Illegal firecrackers extremely dangerous

In a news item of NOS Journaal on 31 December about the danger of illegal firecrackers, HIMS PhD student Karlijn Bezemer explains how HIMS, TNO, NFI and the Dutch police do research on seized cobra crackers within the FEXIN project.

Gert Jan Gruter in Haarlems Dagblad

Special chair Industrial Sustainable Chemistry Gert Jan Gruter aims to prevent global warming by measures such as finding alternatives for plastic.

Katrien Keune and Annelies van Loon in De Kennis van Nu

About their research on metal soaps in paintings of Vermeer.

Katrien Keune in Financieel Dagblad

About the colour changes in paintings (Financieel Dagblad 15 October).

Solar-driven chemistry at Energienieuws of 16 September 2016

Researchers at HIMS work at solar-driven chemistry for the synthesis of methanol from CO2.

Katrien Keune at Het geheim van de meester

In the AVROTROS program Het geheim van de Meester it is investigated how works of art of famous Dutch painters are made. Katrien Keune features in the program broadcasted on 8 September by NPO2.

17th Century royal wardrobe found in the Wadden Sea

Maarten van Bommel, professor in conservation science, appears in several media to comment on the find of a 17th century royal wardrobe in the Wadden Sea.

NEMO Kinderlezing by Jan van Maarseveen in Haarlems Dagblad

On 13 March Jan van Maarseveen presented a Kinderlezing at NEMO titled "Waarom stinken scheten?". On 8 March an article appeared on this in Haarlems Dagblad.

Joost Reek in RTL Z tv program 'Toekomstmakers',  and video Science Café

On 10 February Joost Reek appears in a scientific tv program dealing with 'Nano energy from grey to green speeded up'. The Science Café video shows a set of presentations on this subject.


Joost Reek on website

After the publication in Science Advances about the development of a cheap catalyst for hydrogen production, Joost Reek elaborates on this research on website

Published by  HIMS

10 April 2017