Selected publications 2015

Trinuclear copper-oxo cluster

Single-site trinuclear copper oxygen clusters in mordenite for selective conversion of methane to methanol

Transient nickel nitrido species (2)

CH Activation of Benzene by a Photoactivated Ni II(azide): Formation of a Transient Nickel Nitrido Complex

Lignin solubilisation and gentle fractionation in liquid ammonia

Catalytic routes towards acrylic acid, adipic acid and ε-caprolactam starting from biorenewables

UTSA-100 Metal Organic Framework

Uphill diffusion in multicomponent mixtures

UTSA-100 Metal Organic Framework

Separating mixtures by exploiting molecular packing effects in microporous materials

UTSA-100 Metal Organic Framework

Microporous metal–organic framework with dual functionalities for highly efficient removal of acetylene from ethylene/acetylene mixtures

Vanadium haloperoxidase

51V NMR Crystallography of Vanadium Chloroperoxidase and Its Directed Evolution P395D/L241V/T343A Mutant: Protonation Environments of the Active Site

key-intermediates relevant in catalytic nitrene transfer reactions

Characterization of Porphyrin-Co(III)-‘Nitrene Radical’ Species Relevant in Catalytic Nitrene Transfer Reactions

Fluorescent Molecule

Fluorescence Microscopy Visualization of Contacts between Objects

Simulation Active Nanoparticles

Tunable Long Range Forces Mediated by Self-Propelled Colloidal Hard Spheres


Fast photodynamics of azobenzene probed by scanning excited-state potential energy surfaces using slow spectroscopy

Cover ChemBioChem 2015-1

Reconstructing the Discontinuous and Conformational β1/β3-Loop Binding Site on hFSH/hCG by Using Highly Constrained Multicyclic Peptides

Published by  HIMS

13 November 2015