Selected publications 2016

Battery pack electrische auto

Transition metal dissolution and deposition in Li-ion batteries investigated by operando x-ray absorption spectroscopy

Under the hood of molecular motors

Direct observation of a dark state in the photocycle of a light-driven molecular motor

Solar driven chemistry

A vision for sustainable chemistry production


Targeted vaccination against the bevacizumab binding site on VEGF using 3D-structured peptides elicits efficient antitumor activity

Identification of Catalyst Structure during the Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction in an Operating PEM Fuel Cell


Electron-flux infrared response to varying π-bond topology in charged aromatic monomers

CoIII-Carbene Radical Approach to Substituted 1H-Indenes

Cooperative catalysis for selective alcohol oxidation with molecular oxygen

Colloidal particles assemble into sphere

Self-assembly of Microcapsules via Colloidal Bond Hybridization and Anisotropy

Powerlines Beijing

Comparison and interactions between the long-term pursuit of energy independence and climate policies

Neutron crystal structure of SIFSIX-1-Cu·4C2D2 at 200 K from Rietveld analysis

Pore chemistry and size control in hybrid porous materials for acetylene capture from ethylene

MOF with ferrocene

Redox-Active Metal–Organic Composites for Highly Selective Oxygen Separation Applications

An Adsorbate Discriminatory Gate Effect in a Flexible Porous Coordination Polymer for Selective Adsorption of CO2 over C2H2

Ice cubes melting

Modes of surface premelting in colloidal crystals composed of attractive particles

Nickelaburger Jarl Ivar van der Vlugt

Metal–Metal Interactions in Heterobimetallic Complexes with Dinucleating Redox-Active Ligands

Biomimetics in tachometer presentation

Better than Nature: Nicotinamide Biomimetics That Outperform Natural Coenzymes

Hydrogen cell HomKat

An iron-iron hydrogenase mimic with appended electron reservoir for efficient proton reduction in aqueous media

Nanoconcentrator Joost Reek

Self-assembled nanospheres with multiple endohedral binding sites pre-organize catalysts and substrates for highly efficient reactions

Published by  HIMS

13 December 2016