HIMS researchers to cooperate with Pantarhei Bioscience

Collaboration on innovative drug synthesis routes

15 July 2014

The Biocatalysis group of the Van’t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences has signed a research agreement with the Dutch company Pantarhei Bioscience. The aim of this collaboration is to develop a novel biocatalytic route towards the synthesis of a promising drug candidate for application in women’s health and oncology.

The Biocatalysis group is headed by associate professor Dr Anett Schallmey, who was recently appointed at HIMS. According to Schallmey 'this collaboration has the potential to lead to a greener and more sustainable process for the production of a future blockbuster drug'.

Pantarhei Bioscience BV, based in Zeist, The Netherlands, is an emerging specialty pharmaceutical company with a creative approach towards drug development. The company is focused on developing innovative, proprietary therapeutic approaches for a variety of gender related disorders.

Published by  HIMS