HIMS staff visits Atelier Building

Annual outing preludes to establishment of Amsterdam Conservation Center

15 December 2014

On the occasion of the institute's annual outing the complete HIMS-staff visited the Atelier Building on Thursday 4 December. The location was not only chosen for leisure reasons. Research in the Atelier building has strong links to HIMS research and plans have been developed to strengthen and broaden this cooperation.

The Atelier Building is a center for restoration and preservation, scientific practice, research and education, where Dutch cultural heritage can be preserved and administered under the very best conditions. In the Atelier Building, the Rijksmuseum, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) pool their knowledge of restoration and preservation. With this combination of research, teaching and practical application under one roof, this evolving center of expertise is unique, not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide.

The Dutch Organisation for Scientif Research NWO, the Rijksmuseum, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, Delft University of Technology and the UvA are cooperating in establishing the Amsterdam Conservation Center (ACC) at the Atelier Building. HIMS will take care of the UvA contribution together with the institutes for Physics (IoP) and Informatics (IvI) of the Science faculty, as well as the faculty of Humanities. The ACC aims to become a new innovative interdisciplinary research center uniting art history, art conservation and science.

Van 't Hoff's laboratory

The chemists of HIMS closed their outing with a dinner at Hotel Droog, more precisely the Droog building at the Groenburgwal in Amsterdam. At the end of the 19th century this building was the laboratory where Jacobus van 't Hoff performed his experiments on chemical dynamics and osmotic pressure in solutions. For this research the famous Dutch chemist was awarded the very first Nobelprize for chemistry in 1901.

Historical laboratory Van 't Hoff at Groenburgwal

Historical laboratory of Jacobus Van 't Hoff at the Groenburgwal in Amsterdam, at the end of the 19th century. Photograph: collection Museum Boerhaave.