Successful seminar on Solar Fuel Future

29 January 2015

"Our catalysts can beat nature" stated professor Licheng Sun from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology KTH. Sun was invited by the John van Geuns foundation for a mini symposium on Solar Fuel Future. It was organised by the UvA Research Priority Area Sustainable Chemistry on Monday 26 January 2015.

There was great interest in the minisymposium Solar Fuel Future at the Science Park Amsterdam. The lecture room was totally filled with 60 researchers from various disciplines and institutes, working within research initiatives with sounding names like Solardam and BioSolarCells.

Water splitting 

The afternoon started with an inspiring lecture of Prof Licheng Sun. Sun is a leading scientist in the field of water splitting based on molecular components. He gave a clear update about the latest discoveries in his research group. Sun showed that some of his catalysts can even beat nature in their activity to oxidize water. This is one of the most challenging chemical transformations in the search for sustainable water splitting.

The other lecturers, Prof Lies Bouwman and Prof Marc Koper, both from Leiden University, Dr John Kennis from the VU University Amsterdam, Prof Maria Loi from Groningen University and Dr Remko Detz from the University of Amsterdam discussed the topics sustainability and solar fuel, each from their own perspective while direct links were made with the RPA Sustainable Chemistry of the Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences, the host of the seminar.

Thesis defence 

The successful afternoon was a great introduction for HIMS PhD student Bart van den Bosch, who successfully defended his thesis "Complexes for Electro- and Photocatalytic Proton Reduction” the following day in the Amsterdam Agnietenkapel. 

Published by  HIMS