Horizon 2020 grant links nanotechnology with art

3 March 2015

Dr Katrien Keune of the Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS) has received a European H2020 grant within the NANORESTART programme (NANOmaterials for the RESToration works of ART).

In the NANORESTART programme new nano materials and -techniques will be used for the conservation of modern and contemporary art, which is highly susceptible to decay. There is a great lack of appropriate conservation materials and -methods to preserve these fragile objects for future generations.

Katrien Keune will use the NANORESTART grant for her research within the S4A-PAinT project, thereby focussing on the impact of the newly developed materials on chemical and physical changes in the artwork. Her research will be carried out in direct collaboration with the Rijksmuseum and the Cultural Heritage Agency of The Netherlands.

International research 

NANORESTART is an international research programme with 29 partners, including the University of Florence; the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam; Tate (London); CRN (Rome); University College Cork; MBN Nanometerialia Spa; Kemijski Institute; Universita ca’ Foscari Venezia; Akzo Nobel (Sweden); University College London and The Art Institute of Chicago.

S4A-PAinT Project

Published by  HIMS