Prizes for HIMS researchers in Analytical Chemistry

Awarded at HPLC 2015 symposium on high performance liquid-phase separations

2 July 2015

Dr Andrea F.G. Gargano and Henrik Cornelisson van de Ven MSc, both of the Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences, took home prizes awarded at the HPLC2015 international symposium on high performance liquid-phase separations, held in Geneva in June.

Young Scientist Award

Postdoc researcher Andrea F.G. Gargano won the Csaba Horváth Young Scientist Award for his presentation on “High Efficiency Separations of Peptides and Proteins Using Actively Modulated LC×LC-HRMS”.

Gargano presented an alternative interface between two chromatographic separations of comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography (LC×LC). This so-called active modulation approach allows to widen the application of LCxLC in proteomics, overcoming some of the limitations that are connected with the coupling of the two dimensional liquid chromatographic system to a nano-electrospray interface, and with mobile phase compatibility and sample dilution.

The new approach presented by Gargano provides opportunities to overcome these limitations. He performed his research in collaboration with colleagues from the HIMS Analytical Chemistry group (Rudy Vonk, Ekaterina Davydova, Peter Schoenmakers) and the SILS Center for Mass Spectrometry of Biomacromolecules (Henk L. Dekker, Leo J. de Koning).

Poster Award

PhD student Henrik Cornelisson van de Ven won an Agilent Best Poster Award with his poster on "In-Column-Focusing: Novel modulation approach in Two-dimensional liquid chromatography".

In-Column-Focusing (ICF) is a novel method to increase the concentration of chemicals dissolved in liquids while transferring them to a new one. It relies on changes in temperature to effectively freeze chemicals in filters while a pumping system displaces the old liquid with the new. ICF is in the process of being patented. Meanwhile, prototypes of dedicated devices implementing ICF are being made in the UVA workshop. 

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