Sustainable Chemistry seminar: Amsterdam meets China

Including emeritus lecture of Aart Kleijn, former director of HIMS

9 November 2015

On 10 december 2015 the UvA Research Priority Area Sustainabe Chemistry celebrates the collaboration with esteemed Chinese research partners in a festive seminar.

The seminar features a focused morning session for research experts and a broad-based afternoon session with highly esteemed guest speakers from Amsterdam and China. During the seminar the latest research results will be presented the contribution of chemistry to a sustainable future in a global perspective will be discussed.

The seminar concludes with the emeritus lecture of Aart Kleijn, professor of Sustainable Energy and Heterogeneous Chemistry. Prof. Kleijn is the former director of HIMS and now heads the Center of Interface Dynamics for Sustainability (CDCST) in Chengdu, China.

Published by  HIMS