HIMS welcomes Slootweg group

Strong addition to sustainable chemistry research

28 November 2016

The Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS) is happy to welcome the organic chemistry research group led by Dr. Chris Slootweg. Early November Slootweg and eight co-workers moved from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to the HIMS premises at Amsterdam Science Park. As from February 1, 2017, the group will be formally part of the Synthetic Organic Chemistry research group at HIMS.

According to Prof. Joost Reek, director of HIMS, the transfer of the Slootweg research group is a wonderful addition to the HIMS research portfolio. ‘The group's research track in particular is a meaningful addition to the core activities within our research priority area Sustainable Chemistry. Because of future retirements within our organic synthesis cluster, the possibility arose to accommodate this excellent group and we are pleased that they have joined us at the Amsterdam Science Park.'

The Slootweg group focuses on Sustainable Phosphorus Chemistry and Transition-metal-free Cooperative Chemistry with the aim to develop novel synthetic methodologies for the creation of interesting molecules, functional materials and dedicated catalyst structures. Chris Slootweg is delighted to move to the Science Park: "Our research is focused on sustainable chemistry, which is also one of the priorities of the UvA. Therefore, I look forward to continuing our research and education within HIMS.’

Research group Chris Slootweg

The Slootweg research group. From left to right: Chris Slootweg (Associate Professor), Flip Holtrop (PhD student), Evi Habraken (PhD student), Bas de Jong (technician), Marissa de Boer (project manager and researcher SusPhos training network), Andreas Ehlers (Assistant Professor), Tetiana Krachko (PhD student), Laurian Botez (PhD student), Devin Boom (PhD student). Photo HIMS.

The transition of the Slootweg research group has been established in good consultation with all stakeholders and provides optimal opportunities for further profiling. The science faculties of the UvA and VU have been working together for years in the field of chemistry. The VU focuses in particular on activities in the field of Chemistry & Molecular Life Sciences for Human Health while the UvA has a strong focus on Sustainable Chemistry. UvA and VU jointly offer both the Bachelor’s and Master’s programme in Chemistry as a joint degree. Chris Slootweg is very active in the study programmes Chemistry, as well as in the bachelor and master’s programme Science, Business & Innovation at VU.

Published by  HIMS