Benchtop X-ray spectrometer in the spotlight at innovation contest

27 June 2017

Although Moniek Tromp and Monalisa Goswami of the Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS) returned empty-handed from the finals of the 2017 Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award, they managed to impress the jury with their benchtop X-ray spectrometer XASPect. It yielded them a special honourable mention.

The XASPect X-ray spectrometer was developed to offer researchers the opportunity to study materials and catalytic conversions with high-energy X-ray beams, as an alternative for visiting specialized European synchrotron research centres. Now Moniek Tromp and Monalisa Goswami, together with business strategist Pokon Ganguli MBA, are exploring the opportunities of turning XASPect into a business opportunity, offering benchtop X-ray spectrometry to other chemical and materials research laboratories.

The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2017 was won by Nathalie de Vent and Joost Agelink van Rentergem, PhD's at the UvA Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences (Brain & Cognition). They developed a new online infrastructure for the improvement of neuropsychological diagnostics.

The Audience Award went to Juultje Sommers of the Academic Medical Center and Marike van der Schaaf of the Academic Medical Center and the University of Amsterdam for the ICU Mill: a mobile, simple and safe solution for rehabilitation of patients on Intensive Care.

Published by  HIMS