Sustainable Chemistry Research in SciTech Europa Quarterly

Designing molecular materials for sustainable applications

10 July 2018

Research of the Inorganic Materials team of the Sustainable Chemistry research priority area was recently highlighted in SciTech Europa Quarterly. The team, led by Dr Stefania Grecea, develops efficient, selective, and sustainable synthetic methodologies for target-oriented preparation of hybrid inorganic-organic materials.

Stefania Grecea and coworkers develop synthetic strategies to assemble well-designed molecular building blocks to combine in the same crystal lattice a set of properties that are difficult to achieve in a conventional inorganic solid. The methods developed target the designed synthesis of hybrid inorganic-organic materials and their composites which can be used in various applications, including molecular separations, molecular sensing, catalysis as well as proton-conductive materials for fuel cells.

Research focus of Dr Stefania Grecea. Image: HIMS/SciTechEuropa.

Published by  HIMS