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New tools and methods for difficult molecular separations


Resolving complex molecular mixtures is important in virtually all areas of science: from environmental science through to forensics, biotechnology and in medical applications. However as new analytical detection methods are developed, such as mass spectrometry, we learn that mixtures are more complex than originally perceived, particularly in protein science. These analytical considerations are constantly adding new demands to separation techniques to increase proportionately.


Chromatography is a powerful separation tool that interfaces with mass spectrometry. Hence, one of the focus areas for our research is on improving the separation power of 1D and 2D chromatography that ideally interface with mass spectrometry. Our approach to innovation involves two primary aspects: 1) understanding the challenges within a specific application area and 2) using our understanding of fundamental processes underlying chromatographic separations to provide solutions to these challenges.


Within the Biomolecular Systems Analytics group, our primary application areas fall within the life sciences. However the tools and methods we develop can be applied in numerous applications where powerful separations are required.

Key publications


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Journal editor

  • Camenzuli, M. (reviewer) (2017). Chromatographia (Journal).
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