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Annual report 2017

'In some ways, HIMS scientists are as diverse as molecules. And many different molecules together may form something beautiful'.

HIMS director Prof. Peter Schoenmakers: 'I am proud to report that 2017 was a succesful year, in which new projects were acquired and we underpinned our international position with even more appealing publications in renowned scientific journals.'

Read the Executive Summary, with an introduction by Peter Schoenmakers

Scientific highlights 2017
Achievements and key publications of the HIMS research groups.
Dissertations 2017
Seventeen PhD students completed their research; one with the distinction cum laude.
Valorisation 2017
HIMS follows an active approach to find partners and collaborations.
Prizes and honours 2017
Many HIMS researchers were acknowledged for their achievements through prizes and honours.


Lectures, media appearances and more.

Grants and funding

HIMS received funding for 16 research proposals.

Facts and figures

All the data with respect to 2017.