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Annual Report 2017

Lectures and other contributions in 2017

For the general public

  • Spui 25 lecture for Bèta in de Binnenstad:  Aantrekkingskracht op moleculair niveau' (Joost Reek)
  • Lecture for members leden IVN Woerden: ‘Hoe werkt een spinnendraad en andere vormen van chemische oorlogsvoering in de wereld van insecten’ (Bas de Bruin).
  • Lecture for VOLA (Vereniging van Oud-leden van het ACD): “Mooie Moleculen Maken: Studeren en Werken aan de Universiteit van 1970–2017” (Henk Hiemstra).
  • Associate Editor of the magazine 'Amsterdam Science', a platform for communicating the latest and most interesting findings of Amsterdam universities and research institutes to Dutch society (Francesco Mutti).
  • Presentation about the restoration of colour to 18th-century furniture by using light, at the 'Bessensap' conference for science and media (Maarten van Bommel).
  • Pop-up lecture 'Hoe schoon is varen?' on a ferry in the Amsterdam harbour, in the honour of the University of Amsterdam’s lustrum (385 years) (Moniek Tromp).
  • Spiegelbeeld VHTO (Landelijk expertisebureau meisjes/vrouwen en beta/techniek), setting up an outreach science program for girls (6-10 years), in collaboration with VHTO (Moniek Tromp).
  • Lecture for children (Kinderlezing): 'Hoe weet ik of iets waar is?' at Science Center NEMO (Jocelyne Vreede).

For high school students and teachers

  • General and inorganic chemistry lectures for the students representing the Netherlands at the 49th International Chemistry Olympiad (Stefania Grecea).
  • Lecture Hoe trek je een moleculaire draad door een ring? Op weg naar de lasso peptiden, Woudschoten conference for highschool chemistry teachers (Jan van Maarseveen).
  • Lecturer in the final training of the Dutch students that were selected for the International Chemistry Olympics 2017 (Steen Ingemann Jørgensen).

For other students

  • Lecture 'Op weg naar de synthese van lasso peptiden. Hoe leg je een knoop in een lineair molecuul?', Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven (Jan van Maarseveen).

TV and radio broadcast contributions

  • Klokhuis TV broadcast 'Fireworks' (Bas de Bruin).
  • TV programme 'Proefkeuken', on fireworks (Moniek Tromp)
    ► Proefkeuken VPRO.

HIMS researchers in the media in 2017

  • ‘I pursue the unknown particle’
    An interview with Moniek Tromp for Kennislink after winning the Athena price for excellent female researchers in chemistry. 
    ► Kennislink, 11 December 2017.
  • Painting scanner to solve crimes
    Arian van Asten in various media about new research which shows that the X-Ray Fluorescence scanner used in the Rijksmuseum can also trace hard to find evidence on e.g. clothing of victims and perpetrators of crimes. 
    ► Volkskrant, 12 November.
    ► Nederlands Dagblad, 14 November.
    ► AT5, 13 November.
  • Biological water is simply water
    Sander Woutersen and others in C2W about their research on the behaviour of  ‘biological water’ in living cells.
    ► C2W, 12 October.
  • Cooperation with ECN on electricity from used toilet paper
    Research of Bob van der Zwaan on the first techno-economic analysis of this waste recycling concept in Groene Courant. 
    ► Groene Courant, 26 September.
  • More than 6 billion tons of plastic pollutes our earth
    Gert-Jan Gruter in a NOS article about the problem of the accumulation of plastic waste.
    ► NOS op 3, 20 July.
  • Maarten van Bommel at Bessensap
    On 16 June, NWO Bessensap, a meeting organized by NWO and VWN (Vereniging voor Wetenschapsjournalistiek en -communicatie Nederland) was held in De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. Here journalists, press officers and researchers were gathered, and Maarten van Bommel was one of the speakers. He gave a presentation about the restoration of color to 18th century furniture by using light.
    ► Kennislink, 29 June 2017.
  • Dutch inventors conquer the world
    Gert-Jan Gruter is nominated for the European Inventor Awards 2017. In the radio programme 'Langs de Lijn En Omstreken', he and colleague inventor Hans Clevers are interviewed.
    ► NPO Radio 1, 7 June.
  • The harmful effect of metal soaps on oil paintings
    An interview in NRC with Joen Hermans who recently completed his PhD on the chemical process of metal soap formation in paintings.
    ► NRC, 2 June.
  • Useful CO
    Gert-Jan Gruter in an article of Kennislink about using COfor making useful products.
    ► Kennislink 17 May.
  • New catalyst developed by Shiju Raveendran in various media
    Shiju Raveendran and his colleagues recently discovered a new catalyst which can efficiently convert Carbon dioxide(CO2) to Carbon monoxide(CO). The news appeared in various (international) science magazines.
    ► The Science Times, 11 April., 7 April.
    ► Science Daily, 6 April.