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Annual Report 2018

Lectures and other contributions in 2018

For the general public

  • Popular talk to inspire artists for their exposition on Noordwijk, the City of Space, Wat is Sterrenstof? (Annemieke Petrignani)
  • NEMO Kinderlezing Hoe kun je zeldzame schatten bewaren? (Maarten van Bommel)
  • NEMO Kinderlezing Raakt Energie Nooit Op? (Moniek Tromp)

For high school students and teachers

  • At Circulaire Chemie, a lecture series on sustainable chemistry, Chris Slootweg gives a lecture on Circulaire chemie als toekomst voor groene chemie for secundary school teachers
  • Bachelor Day, lectures by Sander Woutersen, Célia Fonseca Guerra and Jan van Maarseveen for upper secundary school students
  • Speeddate education: Information rounds consisting of an introduction of about 30 minutes and 4 times 15 minutes of speed dating with 'role models' for lower secundary school students (Jocelyne Vreede)
  • Trial-studying (proefstuderen) for upper secundary school students and teachers. Lecture/practicum by Evert Jan Meijer
  • Chemie in Amsterdam, lectures and labtours for upper secundary school teachers and students (Annemieke Petrignani, Jan van Maarseveen, Raveendran Shiju, Bernd Ensing)
  • Formatief evalueren / Redeneren binnen scheikunde (Steunpunt Scheikunde), lectures for (secundary school) teachers (Bernd Ensing)

TV and radio broadcast contributions

  • QMusic radio 'Joost mag het weten', on burning candles (7 March, Jan van Maarseveen)
    Joost mag het weten.
  • DWDD TV talkshow, on the restoration of Rembrandt's Nightwatch (16 October, Katrien Keune).
    De Wereld Draait Door
  • BNR news radio, on gender equality in academia (21 December, Moniek Tromp)
    BNR news radio.

HIMS researchers in the media in 2018

  • Air pollution in Europe
    An interview with Gadi Rothenberg about air pollution in Europe. 'It's much worse than I expected'. 
    ► Folia, 27  November (in Dutch).
  • New pathways for biocatalytic cascades
    The European research project Biosusamin and its principal investigator Dr Francesco Mutti are featured in the summer edition of the magazine 'EU Research'.  
    HIMS news item.
    Article in EU Research (PDF).
  • Molecular materials for sustainable applications
    Research of the Inorganic Materials team of the Sustainable Chemistry research priority area, led by Dr Stefania Grecea,  was highlighted in SciTech Europa Quarterly, issue 27, 2018. 
    Read the article (PDF).
  • The future of solar fuels
    According to a techno-economic analysis by Remko Detz, Joost Reek and Bob van der Zwaan, the industrial synthesis of renewable hydrogen, syngas, methanol and diesel could become competitive with respect to their fossil counterparts within the next two decades. The results were featured in various online magazines.
    ► Solar Magazine, 9 July (in Dutch).
    NH Nieuws, 6 July (in Dutch).
    HIMS news item.
  • An end to disposable plastic
    Gert-Jan Gruter in Nederlands Dagblad about his search for a sustainable alternative for regular plastic.
    Nederlands Dagblad , 29 May (PDF, in Dutch).
  • Cheap and Diastereoselective ß-Lactam Formation
    Bas de Bruin was interviewed in ChemistryViews on his paper reporting a one-pot route to ß-lactams, amides, and esters.
    ChemistryViews, 5 April.
  • Learning from plants about storing solar energy
    Joost Reek featured in an article and video by Folia magazine about his research on converting sunlight into fuel.
    Folia, 4 April (Article, in Dutch).
    YouTube (Video, in Dutch).
  • An app for molecular visualisation
    David Dubbeldam in Emerce and Folia about his app iRaspa for designing molecules. 
    Folia, 29 March (in Dutch).
    Emerce, 28 March (in Dutch).