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Perez de Alba Ortiz: Finding pathways and free energies of complex biomolecular transitions via enhanced simulation / Baij: Dynamic processes in oil paint model systems

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Date 20 April 2018
Time 16:00 - 17:00

This colloquium will be chaired by PhD student Valentin Mouarrawis.

Location: Science Park 904, room F1.02


Alberto Perez de Alba Ortiz

Research group: Computational Chemistry

Supervisor: Bernd Ensing

Mr A. (Alberto) Perez de Alba Ortiz MSc

Alberto Perez de Alba Ortiz

Lambert Baij

Research group: Computational Polymer Chemistry

Supervisor: Piet Iedema/Katrien Keune

drs. C.L.M. (Lambert) Baij

Lambert Baij

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