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Speaker: Dr. Massimilliano Bonomi (University of Cambridge, UK)

Detail Summary
Date 26 April 2018
Time 14:00


Cryo-electron microscopy is rapidly emerging as a powerful technique to determine the structures of complex macromolecular systems elusive to other techniques. Since many of these systems are highly dynamical, characterising also their movements is a crucial step to unravel their biological functions. In this talk, I will present an integrative modelling approach to simultaneously determine structure and dynamics from cryo-electron microscopy density maps. By quantifying the level of noise in the data and dealing with their ensemble-averaged nature, this approach enables the integration of multiple sources of information to model ensembles of structures and infer their populations. I will illustrate the method by characterising structure and dynamics of the integral membrane receptor STRA6 and of the ClpP protease, where our approach allows to reconcile the dynamical picture emerged from NMR data with the static cryo-EM model.

Venue: Science Park 904,  room D1.115



dr. ir. B. (Bernd) Ensing

Faculty of Science

Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences

This lecture is sponsored by the John van Geuns Foundation.