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Speaker: Prof. Soo Young Park (Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea)

Detail Summary
Date 31 August 2018
Time 11:00


Over last years, we have developed several different classes of π-conjugated molecular scaffolds for controlled light emission and charge transport. In this presentation, I will speak about four specific molecular scaffolds in terms of the molecular design, supramolecular stacking, photophysical and transport properties. First part is about the floppy molecules comprising the cyanostilbene units which show the strong self-assembly, solid state luminescence enhancement (SLE), and also the outstanding performances in OFET and OSC devices. Second and third classes of molecules are novel heteroarene scaffolds incorporating the indoloindole (IDID) and naphthyridinedione (NTD) units, respectively. Application of these molecules to the high performance OFET semiconductor, HTM in perovskite solar cell, and OLED emitter will be demonstrated. Fourth class of molecules are 2-hydroxyphenylimidazole derivatives which show the excited state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) behavior. Entirely new disciplines of ‘molecular pixel’ and color-specific fluorescence switching are demonstrated with these ESIPT molecules. 

Venue: Science Park 904,  room D1.114



Mr prof. dr. A.M. (Fred) Brouwer

Faculty of Science

Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences

This lecture is sponsored by the John van Geuns Foundation.