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Speaker: Dr. Nicholas C. Burtch (Sandia National Labs, USA)

Detail Summary
Date 15 October 2018
Time 11:00


Positive thermal expansion can cause significant stress or even catastrophic device failure in applications where materials are placed in confined environments. A mismatch in the coefficient of thermal expansion between a MOF thin film and its substrate can also produce residual stresses that cause material fatigue or even compromise the connection between the MOF and its electrical contact. Consequently, it is important to understand this behavior so that device reliability issues can be avoided. The ability to precisely tailor thermal expansion properties in MOFs would mitigate such problems and be of significant value for a wide array of material design and engineering challenges. This presentation will discuss the fundamental understanding and development of MOFs as predesigned negative, positive, and zero-thermal expansion materials. Through complimentary synchrotron-radiation and molecular modeling efforts, various MOF structural design strategies will be discussed. The implications of these design strategies for the use of MOFs as a novel class of negative thermal expansion materials will also be addressed. 


Science Park 904,  room D1.113



Mr dr. D. (David) Dubbeldam

Faculty of Science

Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences

This lecture is sponsored by the John van Geuns Foundation.