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On behalf of the chemists of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area we are very pleased to organize the online event ACID 2020. The programme captures the essence of ACID with illustrated speakers from industry, academia and policy who will cover topics from research innovation at a large company to the unchallenged role of chemistry in our society and why performing chemical reactions in flow might be the way to go.

Detail Summary
Date 30 October 2020
Time 13:00 -15:30

Next to the plenary session, we also have a parallel session with diverse topics. Below you will see the full program.

Programme (English spoken)

13.00 Welcome by Prof. Dr. Peter Bolhuis (director UvA HIMS)
  Opening by Mr. Victor Everhardt (Vice Mayor of Economic Affairs
  and the Amsterdam Harbour, City of Amsterdam)

Keynote lectures

13.05 Dr. Marcus Remmers, CTO DSM
  The DSM Journey: science-based solutions to create brighter lives
  for all
13.35 Manon Bloemer MBA, Director Royal VNCI
  Innovate with purpose
14.05 Prof. Dr. Timothy Noël, UvA
  Innovation in synthetic methodology through use of flow  
14.35 break

Parallel session*

15.30 Closure

*Parallel session

a. Careers in chemistry - special session for BSc-, MSc, PhD & Postdoc

Q&A session of students with expert panel: Dr. Marcus Remmers (CTO, DSM), Manon Bloemer MBA (Director Royal VNCI), Dr. Marissa de Boer (CEO, SusPhos)

b. What AI and data can add to chemistry?

Experts of Artificial Intelligence and data science introduce the added value of these tools for chemical innovation. With Dr. Ir. Bernd Ensing and Dr. Saer Samanipour.

c. Life science valorization at VU University

dr. Marlous Blankesteijn & prof. Peter van der Sijde

Bachelor, Master, and PhD-students from the Science, Business & Innovation Division of VU Amsterdam, study valorization of science-driven and technology-induced life & health innovations in actual practice, in the very context wherein the innovation process takes place. This session delves into the basics of this and presents actual examples and outcomes of this research.

d. Chemical industry in urban development area

Amsterdam urban areas expand towards chemical plants that were one constructed in rural, open areas.  How can we make the optimal fit for space still available? Ir. Frits van der Sluis from Albemarle Catalysts Company in Amsterdam shares his experiences.



Registering is still possible until 29 October. Participation is free of charge.


The event will be organized online. Participants will receive a link to join the meeting via ZOOM well before the event.


The Amsterdam Chemistry Innovation Day 2020 is organized by

Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS)

Amsterdam Green Campus

Innovation Lab Chemistry Amsterdam (ILCA)