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On behalf of the chemists of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area we invite you for your annual update on chemistry and innovation at the Amsterdam Chemistry Innovation Day (ACID) on 26 November 2021, 13.00 – 19.00 h.

Event details of Save the date: Amsterdam Chemistry Innovation Day: Friday 26 November 2021
Date 26 November 2021
Time 13:00 -19:00

We start with lunch and 3 plenary speakers:

Erik Rietkerk (CEO Argent Energy)

Ruud Koornstra (Nationaal energiecommissaris)

Annemieke Petrignani (MacGillavry Fellow at University of Amsterdam)

Topics at the parallel sessions include: Organic waste valorization, Infrastructure for circular industry, skills for future chemists, socio- techno- economical challenges towards circularity, spin-off from cultural heritage research.

The ACID informs you about the latest chemical developments and innovations. You will meet chemists from companies (from startup and SME to multinational) and academia, students as well as representatives of the Topsector Chemistry and National funding agency NWO. A great opportunity to find potential partners, research funding and/or future employees to accelerate your business.


Please save the date and contact us to stay actively informed about the program!


Amsterdam Science Park


The Amsterdam Chemistry Innovation Day 2021 is organized by

Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS)

Amsterdam Green Campus

Innovation Lab Chemistry Amsterdam (ILCA)

Organizing committee

Monalisa Goswami, on behalf of ILCA

Niek Persoon, on behalf of Amsterdam Green Campus

Marcel Gorris, on behalf of Port of Amsterdam

Willem Fokkema, on behalf of ILCA

Marcel Bartels, on behalf of HIMS