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Two scientists of the Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences have been awarded VENI grants through the Talent Scheme of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO. Andrea Gargano and Ivan Kryven each receive a maximum of 250,000 euros for their proposals, enabling them to perform curiosity-driven and innovative research for a period of three years.


NWO’s Talent Scheme consists of the Veni, Vidi and Vici grants aimed at different career phases of scientists. Earlier this year HIMS researchers Moniek Tromp and Annemieke Petrignani were both awarded a mid-career Vidi grant.

The Veni grants are intented for starting scientist who obtained their PhD's less than three years earlier. They enable researchers to cover salary costs during a period of three years and to acquire specific equipment when necessary.

Andrea Gargano
Dr Andrea Gargano of the Analytical Chemistry group, HIMS

Andrea Gargano:
Intact Protein Analysis

This project aims at the development of an automated multi-step analytical system for the separation and characterization of intact proteins. The coupling of gel electrophoresis, multidimensional liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry will hopefully result in an automated system capable of mapping the conformational properties of proteins.

Yvan Kryven
Dr Ivan Kryven of the Computational Chemistry group, HIMS

Ivan Kryven:
Deterministic modelling in multiple dimensions 

Formation of planets out of the interstellar dust, emergence of tiny crystals, or growth of your network of friends: regardless colossal difference in the scales and the worlds, hidden similarities stand behind evolution of large populations. In this project mathematical tools will be developed helping natural scientists to understand, simulate, and foresee these phenomena.