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At the Balaton Symposium on High-Performance Separation Methods, held last week in Siófok at Lake Balaton in Hungary, HIMS professor Peter Schoenmakers was awarded the Csaba Horváth Memorial Award, an honorable distinction in the field of separation science.

prof. dr. ir. P.J. (Peter) Schoenmakers
Professor Peter Schoenmakers. Photo by Jan Willem Steenmeijer.

Schoenmakers, who holds the chair for Analytical Chemistry & Forensic Analytical Chemistry at the Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences, was awarded the prize 'in recognition of his significant contribution to the development, understanding, and propagation of high-performance separations throughout the world' and furthermore 'for his co-operation in the development of chromatography in Hungary'.

Leading scientist

The award recognizes the leading position of Peter Schoenmakers in the field of Analytical Chemistry. Last year he was awarded the prestigious 'Knox medal' and the Analytical Scientist placed him at an honourable seventh place of the Analytical Sciences Power List 2013.

Professor Peter Schoenmakers honored  with Csaba Horváth Memorial Award
The Csaba Horváth Memorial Award was founded in 2004 by the Hungarian Society for Separation Sciences and is nowadays presented jointly with the Connecticut Separation Science Council. The award honors renowned scientists in the field of separation science in memory of the Hungarian scientist Csaba Horváth (1930-2004), who built the first high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) demonstrating the feasibility and potential of HPLC in bioseparation sciences, contributed close to 300 publications to the field of separation sciences and held nine patents.