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At the HPLC2015 conference in Beijing, Bob Pirok of the Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences was awarded a Shimadzu Young Scientist Award. The PhD student from the Analytical Chemistry research group was the only non-Chinese recipient among five award winners.

Bob Pirok wins Young Scientist Award
Bob Pirok receiving his award at HPLC2015 Beijing.

During HPLC2015 in Beijing, held 21-25 September, some 625 scientists from about 30 different countries convened on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and related techniques.

Bob received the award for his lecture 'Optimizing LC√óLC Separations with Gradient Elution in Both Dimensions'. In this he introduced PIOTR, an attractive MatLab-based software Program for the Interpretive Optimization of Two-dimensional Resolution in liquid chromatography. Using the current version of PIOTR, the typical time needed for developing an LCxLC method can be brought down from 2 to 4 months to two weeks or less. Bob created the software from scratch in a very short time this summer.

Bob is a PhD researcher in the Analytical Chemistry group of Prof. Peter Schoenmakers, which is part of the Centre for Analytical Sciences Amsterdam. 

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He is working on the MAnIAC project: Making Analytically Incompatible Approaches Compatible. Bob explores the routes for top-down and bottom-up particle characterization and continuous degradation studies of (bio-) polymeric networks in micro-reactors. He is also investigating the compatibility of chromatography and NMR techniques. Another focus is the development of strategies for comprehensive, chemometric optimization of LCxLC separations with gradients in both dimensions.