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Academic and Research Staff

Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry

Prof. dr. G. (Gadi) Rothenberg

PI Catalyst Design

Dr. N. (Ning) Yan

PI Electrochemistry and Fuel Cells

Dr. A.C. (Amanda) Garcia

PI Organic Electrosynthesis

Mr P.F. (Paul) Collignon

Senior (Electronics) Technician

Ing. N.J. (Norbert) Geels


Mr C. (Connor) Deacon Price

PhD candidate

Drs. I.M. (Ilse) Denekamp

PhD candidate

Mr P.C.M. (Pieter) Laan MSc

PhD candidate

Mr M.J. (Martijn) Mekkering MSc

PhD candidate

Ms F.A. (Fran) Pope

PhD candidate

Ms M. (Maria) Ronda Lloret MSc

PhD candidate

MSc & BSc project students

Joris Diepeveen MSc student
Stijn Dietz MSc student
Jeen de Graaf MSc student
Rens van Roosmalen MSc student
Duane Smit BSc student
Marco Tibaldi MSc student
Janita Vermeulen MSc student
Noƫ Watson MSc student