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Research theme Molecular Photonics

The interaction of Light and Matter is the domain of this research theme. Light is used to activate molecules and materials and to transform photon energy into mechanical, electrical and chemical energy. The optical properties of molecules and nanocrystals are also used to probe chemical, physical, and biological processes at the molecular level.

The research focusses on four areas:

  • dynamics of supramolecular and biomolecular systems;
  • light-activated (hybrid) nanomaterials and nanoscale photoprocesses;
  • photochemical energy conversion; and
  • developing novel spectroscopic methods.

More and more the objects of study are complex, multi-component systems with newly emerging properties that can no longer be described by a conventional (supra)-molecular approach.

Prime application areas are molecular nanotechnology, (solar) energy conversion processes, sustainability, and chemical analysis. Other relevant target areas are in the health sciences (optimal diagnosis, molecular sensors) and in physics, such as soft matter, and astrochemistry.

Research group 'Molecular Photonics'

The Molecular Photonics researchers participate in LaserLaB Amsterdam.