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Research theme Synthesis & Catalysis

This theme encompasses organic synthesis and all aspects of catalysis, including homogeneous catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, biocatalysis, organocatalysis, and catalysis engineering. Projects range from fundamental to applied research, with strong valorization aspects.

The transformation to a sustainable society requires a paradigm shift in chemical technology and a great deal of new knowledge. Renewable energy and the sustainable transformation of (recyclable) materials into products are crucial issues. These multi-dimensional problems are approached through collaborative efforts of the HIMS scientists in the research theme Synthesis & Catalysis. Their combined expertise includes relevant topics such as spectroscopy, (open-shell) organometallic synthesis, computational catalysis, catalysis engineering and inorganic and hybrid materials.

The theme has a strong international profile, with recognized group leaders and ambitious and enthusiastic young staff. Recently appointed tenure-track staff carry out interdisciplinary research programs in enzymes and biocatalytic processes, characterization of sustainable materials, and fuel-cells and electrochemistry.

Contributing research groups


Heterogeneous catalysis and sustainable chemistry

Homogeneous, Supramolecular and Bio-Inspired Catalysis

Industrial Sustainable Chemistry

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Sustainable Chemistry

HIMS researchers of these groups also collaborate in the Research Priority Area 'Sustainable Chemistry'.