Group meetings and events

Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry

Group meetings 

Group meetings are held every Tuesday from 11 to 12, unless otherwise noted below. If you want to change your presentation date, please e-mail Andreea in advance.  
For internal speakers, the presentations should be short and aimed as starting point for a discussion, following the structure as shown in this pdf-file.


Date  Room  Speaker  Literature
16.10.'18  F1.02  Andreea Gheorghe  Sang-Ho Chung
18.10.'18  G0.05, 10 am  John van Geuns lecture by Prof. Vivek Ranade (Queen's University, Belfast, UK). Title:  VoDCa for Sustainable Water & Energy.
23.10.'18  D1.110  Eric Schuler  Wei Zhang
30.10.'18  A1.10  Luhua Zhang  Ilse Denekamp
06.11.'18  D1.112  MSc presentation Michelle Cheung
13.11.'18  G2.10  Jasper Biemolt  Maria Ronda Lloret
20.11.'18  D1.113  Sang-Ho Chung  Yiwen Tang
27. 11.'18  B1.25  Wei Zhang  Luhua Zhang







Agnietenkapel PhD Ceremony Yuan Gao


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15 October 2018