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HIMS PhD council

From left to right: Yanni Wu, Ambuj Tiwari, Dorina Adamopoulou and Evi Habraken.

Yanni Wu is part of the Molecular Photonics group, now in the second year of her PhD. Under the supervision of Prof. Hong Zhang and Prof. Wybren Jan Buma, her research project is focusing on the energy transfer mechanism of Lanthanide ions-doped upconversion nanosystems and corresponding applications in biomedical sciences.

Ms Y. (Yanni) Wu MSc

Molecular Photonics

Ambuj Tiwari is part of the Computational Chemistry group. He is currently in his third year of PhD. His research aim is to elucidate the mechanism of water splitting reaction using heterogeneous catalysis for sustainable energy. Apart from research, he likes robotics, playing sports and dancing. 

Mr A. (Ambuj) Tiwari MSc

Computational Chemistry

Dorina Adamopoulou is part of the Analytical Chemistry group. She is in the second year of her PhD and the research work of her project is under the supervision of Prof. Peter Schoenmakers. Her subject combines Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations and 3D printing and is part of the STAMP project (Separation Technology for A Million Peaks).

Ms T. (Theodora) Adamopoulou MSc

Analytical Chemistry

Evi Habraken is a 4th year PhD student in the area of Sustainable Chemistry under the supervision of Chris Slootweg. Her focus lies in the area of Frustrated Lewis pairs, which possess a lone pair of electrons and a vacant orbital, which may function as a powerful transition-metal-free catalyst for various organic reactions.

ir. E.R.M. (Evi) Habraken

Sustainable Chemistry

Liana Roca is the HIMS representative in the faculty PhD council.