Scientific staff

Molecular Photonics Research Group

Group leaders

Wybren Jan Buma and Fred Brouwer 

  • prof. dr. W.J. (Wybren Jan) Buma

    Molecular Spectroscopy | T: 0205256973

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  • prof. dr. A.M. (Fred) Brouwer

    Molecular Spectroscopy | T: 0205255491

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Huib J. Bakker (FOM-AMOLF)
Jos Oomens
Sander Woutersen

  • prof. dr. H.J. (Huib) Bakker

    Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Molecules in the Condensed Phase |

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  • prof. dr. J. (Jos) Oomens

    Action Spectroscopy | T: 0205256455

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  • dr. ir. A. (Annemieke) Petrignani-Taube

    Laboratory Astro Chemistry | T: 0205257158

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  • prof. dr. S. (Sander) Woutersen

    Molecular Spectroscopy | T: 0205257091

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Other academic staff 

Hong Zhang (associate professor)

RenĂ© M. Williams (assistant professor)   

Tomoki Ogoshi (visiting professor)


Published by  HIMS

10 May 2017