Educational activities

Synthetic Organic Chemistry Research Group

Our academic educational activities range from Bachelor's and Master's courses to post graduate training. Our expertise is also sought by third parties for which we developed 'in-company' courses .

  • Green Chemistry (Master Chemistry)
  • Physical Organic Chemistry (Master Chemistry)
  • Project Sustainable Future (Master Chemistry)
  • Mass Spectrometry (Master Chemistry)
  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry (Master Chemistry)
  • Chemische Binding (premaster Chemistry)
  • Literature study (premaster Chemistry)
  • Organic Chemistry (premaster Chemistry)
  • Scheikunde projecten 1 en 2 (Bachelor Scheikunde)
  • Organische Chemie (Bachelor Scheikunde)
  • Catalysis (Bachelor Scheikunde)
  • Organic Chemistry Practical course (Bachelor Scheikunde)
  • Synthese in de Natuur (Bachelor Scheikunde)
  • Chemische Reactiviteit en Biomoleculen (Bachelor Scheikunde)
  • Van Molecuul tot Cel (Bachelor Biomedische Wetenschappen)
  • Celbiologie (Bachelor Psychobiologie)
  • Neurofarmacochemie (Bachelor Psychobiologie)
  • Duurzame chemie (Bachelor Science, Business and Innovation)
  • Innovatieproject energie (Bachelor Science, Business and Innovation)
  • Keerpunten (Bachelor Beta Gamma)
  • Van de Oerknal naar het Leven (Bachelor Beta-Gamma)
  • Organic Chemistry (Amsterdam University College)
  • Organische Chemie (Chem4All)

For more information on Bachelor's and/or Master's projects and on the possibility of obtaining your PhD within our group please contact us.

For general information on the educational activities of the UvA Faculty of Science please click the 'Education' link in the lower part of the menu on the left.

Published by  HIMS

1 June 2017