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Synthetic Organic Chemistry Research Group

Group picture Synthetic Organic Chemistry Group

Left to right: Iris, Luuk, Dieuwertje, Henk, Jan, Tati, Roel, Gigi, Maria, Martin, Hans, Klaas, Gaston, Carolina, Marco, Ed, Linda and Thierry

Prof. Dr. Jan H. van Maarseveen

Group leader Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Synthetic Organic Chemistry Group
Van 't Hoff Institute For Molecular Sciences
University of Amsterdam
PO Box 94157
1090 GD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Visiting address:

Science Park 904
1098 XH Amsterdam


Jan van Maarseveen
  • prof. dr. J.H. (Jan) van Maarseveen | T: 0205255671

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Prof. dr. H. Henk) Hiemstra

Prof.dr. P. (Peter) Timmerman (part time) 

Pepscan Therapeutics BV
P.O. Box 2098
8203 AB Lelystad  
Phone: +31-320-225324


Peter Timmerman

Associate professors

Steen Ingemann Jorgensen
  • dr. S. (Steen) Ingemann Jorgensen | T: 0205256967

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Chris Slootweg

Assistent professors

Dr. M.Á. (Tati) Fernández-Ibáñez
  • dr. M.A. (Tati) Fernández Ibáñez | T: 0205258753

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Research technicians


PhD students

Mr L. (Laurian) Botez MSc


  • ing. R.A. (Roel) Klein Nijenhuis | T: 0205255489

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  • Ms D.E. (Dieuwertje) Streefkerk MSc | T: 0205255674

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Other group members

dr. M.A. (Marissa) de Boer

Guest researcher

Published by  HIMS

1 June 2017