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Outreach activities in 2023

Lecture: 'Luchtige moleculen. Over stikstof, zuurstof en CO2'.
Jan van Maarseveen, 28 March 2023
Lions Club Nijmegen, Brabantse Poort

Jury member: Akademikus/AkademiX
Ioana Ilie, 1 January 2023

HIMS researchers appearing in the media in 2023

There was much attention for the research of Fréderique Broers and Katrien Keune discovering Rembrandt's special preparatory treatment of the Night Watch
The results were published in Science Advances.

► Rembrandt gebruikte een loodhoudend laagje voor de Nachtwacht. NRC, 15 December 2023.
► Rembrandt gebruikte speciale techniek om Nachtwacht te beschermen tegen vocht. NOS, 15 December 2023.
► Diepere laag in De Nachtwacht ontdekt. Podcast Kennis & Co, 15 December 2023.
► Rembrandt beschermde Nachtwacht tegen vocht met speciale laag. RTLnieuws 15 December 2023.
► Rembrandt beschermde de Nachtwacht met loodhoudende laag tegen vocht. Het Parool, 16 December 2023.
► Rembrandt beschermde 'Nachtwacht' tegen vocht en schimmel. De Telegraaf, 15 December 2023.
► Geavanceerde combinatie van röntgentechnieken onthult onverwachte loodlaag op De Nachtwacht van Rembrandt. EOS Wetenschap, 15 December 2023.
► Study shows how Rembrandt broke new ground with lead-based impregnation of canvas for The Night Watch., 15 December 2023.
► X-ray imaging of The Night Watch reveals previously unknown lead layer. ArsTechnica, 15 December 2023.
► Rembrandt Used a Lead-Containing Layer to Protect the Night Watch from Moisture. ArtDependence Magazine, 16 December 2023.
► Previously Unseen Painting Technique Was Used by Rembrandt in ‘The Night Watch,’ New Study Reveals. ARTnews, 18 December 2023.
► X-rays reveal unusual technique hidden in Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’. CNN, 19 December 2023.

Pim Linnebank and Mimi den Uijl on Kassa TV programme
Pim and Mimi featured on the consumer programme ‘Kassa” on Dutch television, where they explained about "vegan" nail polish and "natural" nail polish. They also explored whether it makes sense to opt for these variants from an environmental perspective.
► Kassa Test: Welke vegan nagellak is het beste en blijft het langste zitten? Kassa, 9 December 2023.

Lotte Metz in explanatory video for Universiteit van Nederland
Lotte presented the video about (the colour of) gold #nanoparticles and how these are used (in Dutch). 
► Goud in je test. Universiteit van Nederland / YouTube, 4 December 2023.

Pim Linnebank at Editie NL explaining designer drugs
The municipality of Zaandam had to return 6 to 8 million worth of designer drugs to the owner because the drug was not included in the opium law. Pim indicates how the chemicals are easy to adjust, enabling the maker of the drugs to evade the law.
The item starts at 0.39.
► Vrij spel voor designer drugs. RTL Nieuws Editie NL Aflevering 329, 25 November 2023

Research of chemical weapons to quickly conclude if nerve agents were involved. Mirjam de Bruin-Hoegée in C2W
Even after three months, you can still find biomarkers of nerve agents in dried blood spots. In Forensic Chemistry Dutch researchers show  that you can also demonstrate a greater variety of substances than previously assumed.
► Oude bloedvlek spreekt boekdelen. C2W 30 October 2023

ERC Synergy Grant: Joost Reek in C2W
The ERC Synergy Grants 2023 have been announced. Several KNCV and NVBMB members saw their applications honored. Synergy Grants are intended for ambitious research projects in which two to four principal investigators from different disciplines work together.
► Moleculair succes bij ERC Synergy Grants C2W, 27 October 2023

Viktoriia Turkina and Saer Samanipour on harmful substances in Folia 
Only two percent of the chemicals to which people are exposed daily are known, UvA researchers estimate. “That lack of knowledge is a danger to public health.”
► Schadelijke stoffen zoals PFAS zijn topje van de ijsberg: ‘Slechts 2% van chemicaliën is bekend’. Folia 17 October 2023

Ruben Kranenburg and Arian van Asten in C2W
They are interviewed on the FIDBID project, aiming for automated analysis of fingerprints from drug samples. FIDBID is short for Forensic Illicit Drug intelligence through Big and Intelligent analysis of chemical and criminological Data.
► Automatische chemische ‘vingerafdruk’ van drugs moet recherche helpen. C2W, 12 October 2023.

Wybren Jan Buma at
Molecules that change shape under the influence of light can be used as switches for medical applications. An international research team, including Wybren Jan Buma, investigated the precise effect of azonium compounds. 
► Met licht schakelbare medicijnen een stap dichterbij. 27 September

Hannah Flerlage en Chris Slootweg write an op-ed in C2W
Referring to their recent paper in Nature Reviews Chemistry titled 'Modern chemistry is rubbish', they make the case for a more responsible approach of chemistry and chemistry research. Their contribution was adopted by other publications:
► ‘Chemie maakt er nog steeds een zooitje van’. C2W, 27 September 2023.
► ‘Chemie maakt er nog steeds een zooitje van’. Beste-id, 27 september 2023.
► 'Chemici: kijk verder dan je reageerkolf'. De Ingenieur, 7 oktober 2023.

Folia reports on the GoGreen project with Katrien Keune, Sander van Lith and Han Zhou
They are featured in a short video, explaining the project and their research.
► How can we preserve our cultural heritage sustainably? Folia, 20 September 2023.

Pim Linnebank at Editie NL about the danger of "chlorine" bombs
A high school was recently evacuated because high school students had made a "chlorine" bomb. In Editie NL Pim Linnebank explain that this is dangerous.
The item starts at 4:07.
► De Chloorbom. Editie NL 5 September 2023

Peter Schoenmakers interviewed by The Analytical Scientist
Schoenmakers reflects on the most significant developments across analytical science over the past decade.
►Ten Year Views: With Peter Schoenmakers. The Analytical Scientist, 25 August 2023

Hannah Flerlage and Chris Slootweg in various online media
A HIMS news item published on the occasion of their “Modern chemistry is rubbish” paper in Nature Reviews Chemistry was published by many online media.
►Chemists Need To Think Beyond the Reaction Vessel. Technology Networks, 9 August 2023.
►Opinion: Modern Chemistry Is Quite Literally Rubbish. SciTechDaily, 15 September 2023.
►Danish Professor Says 'Modern Chemistry is Rubbish,' Calls for Change. Laboratory Equipment, 9 August 2023.
►Chemists need to consider the effects of chemistry beyond the lab to combat environmental crises, say researchers., 7 August 2023.

C2W interviews Gadi Rothenberg
About the flexible spheres of the biomolecule chitosan, made from shrimp waste, that can be used for catalysts that generate hydrogen gas from borohydride salts.
► Katalysator in een flexibele schaal. C2W, 26 July 2023.

Pim Linnebank at RTL Nieuws - Editie NL about the risks for deliverers of food using dry ice in vans
Dry ice is used to cool products, but if used incorrectly it can cause burns and suffocation.
► News article - Droogijs risico voor bezorgers: 'Brandwonden en verstikking' RTL Nieuws Editie NL 14 July 2023
► Watch the item - Editie NL episode 196 (starting at 7:50)

De Telegraaf reports on the biobased resin developed in the Rothenberg group, produced by spin-off company Plantics, and applied by furniture manufacturer Vepa.
► Glansrol voor hennep. De Telegraaf, 11 Juli 2023 (or view the PDF).

Mirjam de Bruin-Hoegée was interviewed about her research on fentanyl attribution
In CBRNe World,  the international magazine on professionals working in the field of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosives (CBRNe) threats or incidents.
► I sing the body fentanyl. CBRNe, June 2023.

Sander Woutersen in De Volkskrant about the surprising results of his worm research
► Sander and his colleagues Daniel Bonn and Antoine Deblais (both UvA-IoP) conducted a study with worms, which turned out to move very differently than standard physics predicts. De Volkskrant, 30 juni

Gert-Jan Gruter about the problem of wet wipes blocking sewers
► Rioleringen regelmatig verstopt door vochtige doekjes: 'Vallen niet uit elkaar'. RTL Nieuws, 23 mei.
► Vochtige doekjes wel of niet doorspoelen? Zo zit het. Margriet, 23 mei.

Gadi Rothenberg at Radar 
Gadi Rothenberg is one of the experts who comment on the fact that somebiodegradable plastic turn out to be non-degradable, for the Dutch consumer TV programme Radar.
► Biologisch afbreekbaar plastic dat niet afbreekbaar blijkt: hoe kan dit? Radar, 16 May

Lotte Metz en Marie Brands at VNCI
During King's Day, PhD students Lotte Metz and Marie Brands performed everyday science experiments for everybody to enjoy. This was mentioned by the Dutch chemical industry association VNCI on their website and in their magazine.
► ‘Chemiekusjes’ op Koningsdag. VNCI, 2 May

Research of Fréderique Broers into orpiment degradation in C2W
► De gele roos en zijn glans, deel II. C2W, 18 April

Maarten van Bommel features in a documentary series of 3 episodes
The series are about the find in the 'Palmhout wreck', where, among other things, 'the dress', many other textiles and silverware dating from the 17th century were found.
► The episodes aired at NPO 2, on 3, 10 and 17 April, at 22.20.
► More information in the trailer, the podcast and the interactive website.
► At the Faculty of Humanities a podcast was made in which Maarten van Bommel provides his views on the research and the TV series. De Goede Gesprekken #16: De bijzondere vondsten uit het Palmhoutwrak.
► Nachtmerrie voor archeologen: een 17de-eeuws mouwtje op 30 graden in
de wasmachine. Parool, 11 April.
► The documentary was nominated for the Nipkow prize, an important Dutch television award.

Jan van Maarseveen comments on novel chiral molecule in C2W
C2W reported on research at Oxford University, published in Nature, and asked the opinion of Jan van Maarseveen. 
► Helix vangt chirale zuurstof. C2W, 5 April 2023.

Jan van Maarseveen in KIJK about the use of hydrogen
► Waar kunnen we waterstof écht voor gebruiken? KIJK, 1 April.

Katrien Keune in C2W, featuring her lecture about Operation Nightwatch at Lab Technology
► Keynote lezing: Katrien Keune over Operatie Nachtwacht. C2W, 22 March.

Gert-Jan Gruter in C2W, featuring his lecture about renewable plastics at Lab Technology
► Keynote lezing: Gert-Jan Gruter over hoogwaardige polyesters uit biomassa en CO2. C2W, 22 March.

Timothy Noël in C2W on the PhotoScale project and the scaling up of photocatalysis 
►Nieuwe draai aan fotokatalyse C2W, 17 March

Gadi Rothenberg featured at the Amsterdam Science Park website
► Professor Rothenberg’s work shows the potential for research at the Amsterdam Science Park to provide real-life solutions for businesses. Website Amsterdam Science Park, 14 March

Giulia Giubertone interviewed by
►Revealing the molecular structure of unpurified silk and other biomaterials., 5 March

Wybren Jan Buma about coral friendly sunscreen
► Koraalvriendelijke zonnebrandcrème beschermt nog beter De Ingenieur 2 March

Gadi Rothenberg warns that the Paris goals will not be met
► UvA-hoogleraar: ‘We gaan de klimaatdoelen van Parijs niet halen’ Folia, 1 February
► Sustainable chemistry will not solve CO2 emissions problem, claims paper, 6 February
► Een realistische kijk op CO2-uitstoot en klimaatverandering C2W, 15 February

Joost Reek articulates concerns about breaking ties with fossil-based companies
In an open letter in university magazine Folia, some thirty professors of the Faculty of Science turn against an UvA moratorium on new collaborative projects with partners from fossil-based industries. Joost Reek spoke to NOS on behalf of the group, which included 15 colleagues from HIMS.
►Acties tegen fossiel op universiteiten: wel of geen samenwerking? NOS, 15 February
►UvA-moratorium vertraagt energietransitie en is inbreuk op academische vrijheid Folia, 13 February

Mirjam de Bruin-Hoegée about finding evidence in plants for the use of chemical weapons
► Planten snuiven mosterdgas C2W, 2 February
► Plant biomarkers provide evidence of nerve agent attacks ChemistryWorld, 6 March

Katrien Keune and Joen Hermans about the discovery of lead formate in The Night Watch
► UvA chemists discover new lead compound in The Night Watch Folia, 1 Februari
► Vreemde verbinding ontdekt in de Nachtwacht van Rembrandt Scientias, 3 Februari
► Opmerkelijke chemische verbinding in De Nachtwacht gevonden BNR Radio, 22 Januari

Katrien Keune about sustainable strategies for conservation of cultural heritage 
► GoGreen: Culturele laboratoria voorop in vergroening LabInsights, 1 February

Ron Wever on effective enzyme design with AI
► AI ontwerpt nieuwe werkzame enzymen KIJK, 27 Januari

Ruben Kranenburg developed the 'powder puck' for rapid ‘on-scene’ identification of drugs
► Ruben Kranenburg ontwikkelde een detector om ter plaatse drugs te analyseren Folia, 12 januari
► 'IJshockeypuck' kan drugs opsporen De Ingenieur, 29 maart

Joost Reek on sustainable production of hydrogen with sunlight and air
► Duurzame productie van waterstof uit zonlicht en lucht dichterbij door Zwitserse vinding NRC, 9 January

Timothy Noël speaks about his expectations for 2023
► 2023 wordt het jaar van …? C2W, 9 January