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Research assistant professors


Dr. J.J. (Joen) Hermans

Molecular Photonics

Since 2019, I work at HIMS with an NWO-Veni grant and I have a 20% appointment at the Rijksmuseum. In my research, I develop model systems and analytical methods to study the chemical process that change the structural integrity and appearance of oil paintings. This research combines many of the research themes within HIMS, with scientific challenges in the fields of spectroscopy, catalysis, data analysis, and computational modeling. Currently, my main focus is to elucidate the effects of water on several important oil paint degradation pathways. I have (co-)authored 25 peer-reviewed papers, am part of the Netherlands Institute for Conservation, Art & Science (NICAS), and I collaborate with researchers at Northwestern University, TU Eindhoven, and Wageningen University.

Dr. T.J. (Tiddo) Mooibroek

Synthesis & Catalysis/ Homogeneous catalysis

My journey at HIMS started in August 2016 after obtaining my NWO/CW-VIDI grant. My main research interests are supramolecular chemistry, homogeneous catalysis, unconventional intermolecular interactions and organic synthesis. With the VIDI project we develop small molecules that can recognize carbohydrates with the ultimate aim of developing sugar-specific detection methods and to catalytically upvalue unprotected carbohydrates (like glucose). We also research unconventional non-covalent interactions such as Tetrel-bonding interactions, with the aim of finding novel molecular fragments that can function as supramolecular synthons.

L. (Lotte) Schreuders MSc

Educational development

Lotte Schreuders is involved in the educational development of the joint degree (UvA/VU) master Chemistry, track Analytical Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. Her work focuses on improving and maintaining quality within the program. One example is the development of interactive, fun, and easily implementable online teaching methods. To allow teachers to devote more time to improve their teaching material, Schreuders also propels a project to enhance administrative efficiency and ensuring proper information flow throughout our courses. Together with two colleagues, Noor Adbulhussain and Mimi den Uijl, Lotte set up an Instagram account (@SistersinScience_NL) to break the current stereotype on chemists and show that: “if you can see it, you can be it”.