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HIMS PhD council

Hannah Jonas is a second year PhD student in the Computational Chemistry and Physics Group. In her research she works on the simulation of micron-sized colloidal patchy particles in close collaboration with the experimental Soft Matter Group at the UvA. 

Ms H.J. (Hannah) Jonas MSc

Computational Chemistry

Marta Passamonti is part of the Analytical Chemistry group. She is in the fourth year of her PhD and the research work of her project is under the supervision of Prof. Peter Schoenmakers. Her subject combines the creation of polymeric stationary phases for chromatography with 3D-printing and is part of the STAMP project (Separation Technology for A Million Peaks).  

Ms M. (Marta) Passamonti

Analytical Chemistry

Begüm Demirkurt is part of the Molecular Photonics group and in the first year of her PhD under the supervisions of Prof. Fred Brouwer and Prof. Daniel Bonn. Her research project focuses on visualisation of mechanical contact, friction and lubrication using fluorescence microscopy techniques. Apart from research, she is interested in yoga.

Ms B. (Begüm) Demirkurt

Molecular Photonics

Johan Bootsma is a second year PhD student in the area of Sustainable Chemistry, working under the supervision of Bas de Bruin (HomKat group). His project is part of the Dutch national research center ARC-CBBC (Advanced Research Center - Chemical Building Blocks Consortion), and focuses on the move from cobalt-based catalysts to replacements based on iron and/or manganese for the curing of alkyd paints.

Mr J. (Johan) Bootsma MSc

Sustainable Chemistry

Liana Roca is the HIMS representative in the faculty PhD council.