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Spin-off companies

Currently three spin-off companies succesfully utilize knowledge developed at HIMS:


InCatT, an acronym of Innovative Catalyst Technologies, is a spin-off company of the homogeneous catalysis group of Prof. Joost Reek, employing new supramolecular strategies in transition metal catalysis. Its unique patented approach yields supramolecular bidentate ligands by the clever mixing of ligand building blocks. Furthermore, InCatT has the infrastructure and knowledge required for high throughput screening (HTS) of homogeneous catalysts. 

Visit the InCatT website


Plantics was founded after HIMS researchers Dr Albert Alberts and Prof. Gadi Rothenberg discovered a new type of biodegradable polymer while researching catalytic biomass conversion. It is the first thermoset bio-plastic that’s fully biodegradable, compostable and 100% bio-based. It's also low-cost so it can compete economically with conventional petroleum-based plastics.

Visit the Plantics website


Spark904 was launched by Dr Monalisa Goswami as a result of the Sustainable Chemistry Bootcamp in 2016, where she was one of three winners. The company provides analytical and spectroscopic services on demand, thus boosting R&D at the laboratories of its clients and creating value from existing resources at HIMS.

Visit the Spark904 website