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ACID 2021 Plenary Session


Circular Astrochemistry

Annemieke Petrignani

In space, there is a rich organic chemistry transpiring, where matter is recycled by stellar birth, life, and death. Stars drive an evolving circular (organic) chemistry, spanning the formation of the smallest molecules to the building blocks for new stars and planets, and possibly life. The variety and complexity of organic species that has been discovered is surprisingly high, involving chemical routes often not available on planets. Studies of the interstellar (photo)chemistry have revealed and still reveal organic species and evolution such as large aromatic hydrocarbons, photochemical processing, and universal prebiotic compounds from which life may form.

From Kitchen table to Worldscale Plant

Erik Rietkerk

Assume you have three plants in different locations in Europe all running the same technology and you as a producer are convinced that this is the best technology to convert waste-based lipids into top range best in class Biodiesel.
Then at some point you come across a new breakthrough technology that has been around for quite some time but has never been commercialised successfully as no producer has been able to get it to work.
Argent identified with a technology partner a disruptive technology to make high quality biodiesel from waste-based lipids utilizing a unique and confidential catalyst system which reduces the investment needed to build a world scale plant for waste based biodiesel by a factor 5 and reduce the operating cost on a per ton biodiesel produced by approximately a third.
So now you have a disruptive technology, you have an existing site in the port of Amsterdam, and you have a willing shareholder to build a world scale plant at that site but how are you going about building such a plant with an intrinsic technological risk and a legislative environment which is not set up to turn an idea quickly into reality.
This presentation will lead you through the different stages of that process which will lead to Argent’s largest capacity of biodiesel production and will make Argent the leading producer of waste-based biodiesel in the world.