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The European research project Biosusamin and its principal investigator Dr Francesco Mutti are featured in the current edition of the magazine 'EU Research'. Mutti is assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam's Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS) and tenure-track chair of the HIMS Biocatalysis research group.

The 'EU Research' magazine aims at disseminating European research results to the wider European public in order capitalise on its long-term potential, both in an academic and commercial perspective. The Biosusamin project, funded through Francesco Mutti's ERC Starting Grant, aims at developing biocatalytic cascades for producing amines from renewable resources in a process that minimizes waste.

Dr Francesco Mutti. Photo by Liesbeth Dingemans.

In general, research in Mutti’s lab aims at the development of novel atom‐efficient and sustainable biocatalytic routes for the manufacture of high value chemical products and materials. This work involves the creation of enzymes with improved or unprecedented activities (i.e. not known in nature). The research line includes bioorganic chemistry, enzyme engineering, biochemical characterisation of enzymatic reaction and mechanisms as well as computational studies.

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