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With the photo "Chrysopoeia - electrified golden tin clouds" HIMS PhD student Eric Schuler has won the 2019 photo contest of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society KNCV. The prize was awarded to him during the national chemistry conference CHAINS 2019, held last month in Veldhoven. Conference participants could vote for ten entries selected by the jury, after which the photo of Eric emerged as the clear winner.

Science photo 'Chrysopoeia - electrified golden tin clouds'
Image: Eric Schuler / HIMS.

The photo shows the cathodic corrosion of a highly pure tin wire in alkaline solution, where the electrochemical potential causes the metal to form nanoparticles in solution. It is the work of Davide Pavesi, a PhD researcher at the Avantium research lab at Amsterdam Science Park.

Eric Schuler is a photography enthusiast, using his images to tell stories of scientific, social or environmental nature. "Usually I aim to have a look behind the scenes", Eric says. "I do not only try to present the work itself as interestingly as possible but even more so I aim at telling the story of the people involved in the work." These stories, which have been featured in news outlets such as Forbes, can be found on his regularly updated blog

View all ten selected entries at the KNCV website.