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Professor Joost Reek (HIMS) and Dr Monalisa Goswami (Spark904) have received a grant to run a first pilot with Open Kitchen Lab. This will be a service available in one of the Matrix buildings at Amsterdam Science Park, where spin-offs can rent a laboratory facility that already has the basic equipment and consumables.

logo open kitchen labs

The aim is to help early-stage startups in chemistry and sustainability in developing their technologies while avoiding setting up a dedicated laboratory and/or investing in equipment. Setting up a lab is expensive, and often start-ups don't require full-time lab access. The Open Kitchen Labs (pilot) fills this gap and provides accessible and flexible lab space. Unlike the already existing services labs, Open Kitchen Labs will be ready to start experiments immediately and the rental period can vary from days to months.

Physics2market grants are awarded by IXA - Innovation Exchange Amsterdam for projects in cooperation with an industrial partner. Matrix Innovation Center supports this pilot project by offering the lab-space.