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AMCEL, a joint initiative of the Amsterdam electrochemistry community, proudly announces the recipients of 2021 PhD and BSc thesis AMCEL awards in electrochemistry research. Each year, AMCEL awards a prize to the best PhD and BSc theses based on the excellence of the research work, the quality of the thesis manuscript and the importance of the research to advance the field of electrochemistry towards practical applications.

The winner of the PhD AMCEL award is Dr. Gabriele Laudadio who obtained his PhD with Cum Laude in 2020 at the Micro Flow Chemistry and Process Technology research group of Prof. Timothy Noël at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). His outstanding work focused on the development of innovative electrochemical synthesis methods by combining photochemistry and electrochemistry with continuous flow microreactor technology. He demonstrated the wide applicability of these methods by solving challenging synthetic problems in organic chemistry, including the selective oxidation of thioethers, sulfonamides, sulfonyl fluorides and aziridines. Through his extensive research achievements, published in top tier journals (Science, Chem-Cell, Angewandte Chemie, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Accounts of Chemical Research and Green Chemistry), he paved the way for novel scalable and sustainable electrochemical synthesis approaches. The PhD AMCEL award, sponsored by Elsevier, will be presented during the AMCEL annual symposium on 28th October in Amsterdam where Dr. Laudadio will give a lecture on his PhD research work.

Dr. Gabriele Laudadio

The BSc thesis AMCEL award was won by Manoj Copens for his research on the electrochemical NO reduction in a PEM cell, as part of his BSc research project at Delft University of Technology (TuD) under the supervision of prof. Atsushi Urakawa. In his work, focused on the effects of the catalysts and reaction conditions, he achieved remarkable Faradaic efficiencies of NO conversion to ammonia and demonstrated new paths for waste-to-value conversion and towards pollutant reduction. The BSc thesis award, sponsored by Avantium, will also be presented during the AMCEL annual symposium where the winner will present a poster on his research work.

MSc Manoj Copens