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UvA alumnus Milo Cornelissen has won a Unilever Research Prize 2022 for his graduate work in the field of synthetic chemistry. He received the award Thursday 24 November during an award ceremony at Unilever's Foods Innovation Centre in Wageningen.
The prize was presented to Milo Cornelissen by Manfred Aben, Nutrition and Ice Cream R&D Head of Science & Technology (left), and Carla Hilhorst, Nutrition Chief R&D Officer (right). Photo: Unilever.

Milo Cornelissen completed his Master's project at the Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences under the supervision of Francesco Mutti (Biocatalysis) and Jan van Maarseveen (Synthetic Organic Chemistry). In his thesis "Incorporation of Directional and Quinone-Functionalized Macrocycles in Covalently Synthesized Rotaxanes" he presents two new methods for the synthesis of interlocked molecules. These can function as electron carriers and possess a unique type of asymmetry that also occurs in natural interlocked compounds. After his graduation, Milo started his PhD in the group of Röderich Süßmuth at TU Berlin, where he works on the total synthesis of natural compounds.

The annual Unilever Research Prize is presented to 13 outstanding students - one from each Dutch university. Each of the award recipients graduated with very high honours and completed noteworthy research during their Master’s degrees. The prize was established in 1956 to strengthen the bond between industry and academic research, and to motivate students to excel. Today, the prize rewards research in the field of one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals. Each winner of the Unilever Research Prize receives a cheque for €2,500 and a piece of artwork.

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