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Analytical Chemistry Research Group

The Analytical Chemistry group is the research cluster of the Macromolecular and Biosystems Analysis theme within HIMS. Advanced spectroscopic and separation techniques and data analysis ('chemometrics') are the key research objectives.

The group utilises and develops advanced techniques such as one- and two-dimensional separation techniques, electro-migration techniques and field-flow fractionation. It explores a variety of general and more-specific detectors. Developments in mass spectrometry and two-dimensional liquid-chromatographic separations are expected to generate novel insights in the structure and function of proteins, peptides, starch, natural surfactants and drug excipients. A new focus in the research programme is on advanced chip-based separation systems based on nanotechnology.

Forensic Science 

The application of analytical chemistry expertise to the field of forensic science presents interesting challenges and opportunities. Quite promising is the possibility to use analytical separations for the detection and characterization of explosives. Further interesting research questions concern the interpretation of analytical data in a forensic context. Efforts in this direction will yield tools that are generally applicable in the chemometrics discipline.