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The focus of the Catalysis Engineering Group at the University of Amsterdam's Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences is to develop sustainable chemical processes. We combine knowledge from the fields of Materials Science and Chemical Science with expertise in the field of Reactor Engineering.

We design solid catalysts and apply them in reactions relevant to industry and society. In doing so, we also probe the structural features of these solid materials that make them catalytically active and selective. The chemical conversions range from petrochemicals and biomass to lower alkanes and CO2 and are performed in batch and flow reactors. 


Dr. N.R. (Shiju Raveendran) Shiju

Associate Professor of Catalysis Engineering - group leader

Please contact Shiju Raveendran for any inquiry regarding the research group.
Shiju's profile page features a list of publications.

V.A. (Vikash) Lachman MSc

Guest researcher

MSc students
Ulviye Oztas

BSc students