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Highlights of HIMS research are listed below. We also provide overviews of news items in the categories grants and funding | valorisation | people. All news items are listed at the HIMS news main page

Results: 1 - 20 of 141
Results: 1 - 20 of 141
  • Portrait of Bob van der Zwaan
    Investments in solar and wind power generation need to increase fast if goals of Paris Agreement are to be met
    16 Jul 2021
    To meet the Paris Agreement to keep global warming below 2 °C, society has to increase investments in low-carbon power generation, especially for solar and wind technologies. This follows from an multi-model scenario ...
  • Image of electrolyser
    Chemists at University of Amsterdam develop novel electrolyser for hydrogen production
    14 Jul 2021
    In a recent Nature Communications paper, a group of researchers led by Dr Ning Yan of the Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences at the University of Amsterdam showcases a practical membrane-free approach to ...
  • Research on selective formation of nanospheres features on front cover of Chemical Science
    10 Jun 2021
    Research at the Homogeneous, Supramolecular and Bio-Inspired Catalysis group features on the cover of the current issue of Chemical Science. Eduard Bobylev, David Poole, Bas de Bruin and Joost Reek report on the ...
  • Graphic abstract
    Convenient methodology to forge C‒N bonds
    8 Jun 2021
    In a paper just accepted by Angewandte Chemie, researchers of the Flow Chemistry group at the University of Amsterdam's Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences present a convenient methodology to forge C(sp3)‒N ...
  • upconversion nanoparticle
    Quantitatively understanding defects in phosphors from a nano perspective
    21 May 2021
    Researchers led by Hong Zhang at the Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences of the University of Amsterdam have been able to provide insight into the microscopic dynamics of energy transfer and conversion in ...
  • Graphic abstract
    Anomalous diffusion of confined long-chain molecules: the thermal resistance effect
    17 May 2021
    In a paper just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), researchers describe for the first time a counter-intuitive diffusion behaviour of linear-chain hydrocarbon molecules under ...
  • An artist’s impression.
    Micrometre-size molecular modelling kit shows real chemical reactions
    17 May 2021
    A team of researchers from the University of Amsterdam and New York University have built a 'molecular modelling kit' using micrometre-sized 'patchy particles'. The kit allows for a much more direct study of ...
  • Graphic abstract
    First synthetic galectin mimic as a platform for carbohydrate binding molecules
    11 May 2021
    In a recent paper in Angewandte Chemie, research assistant professor Tiddo Mooibroek and co-workers at the Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences present the first synthetic mimic of a class of carbohydrate ...
  • Graphical abstract
    Review on three-dimensional separations in chromatography
    22 Apr 2021
    In a paper just published in Chemical Reviews, Noor Abdulhussain, Suhas Nawada and Peter Schoenmakers of the HIMS research group Analytical Chemistry provide an overview of current and future developments in ...
  • Graphic abstract
    Charge-based separation of acid-functional polymers
    21 Apr 2021
    Water-borne polymers are used for various coating systems such as paints and inks and continue to gain ground in the field of environmentally friendly coating solutions. To monitor and improve their industrial ...
  • Portrait of Marie Curie
    Researchers paint portrait of Marie Curie in semiconductor
    13 Apr 2021
    Amsterdam researchers have developed a novel technique for spatially controlled patterning of semiconductors with tuneable optoelectronic properties. As a proof of principle, Lukas Helmbrecht and Wim Noorduin ...
  • Graphical abstract
    Predicting the structure and dynamics of membrane protein GerAB from Bacillus subtilis
    12 Apr 2021
    Dr Jocelyne Vreede of the research group Computational Chemistry at the Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS) worked together with researchers at the UvA's Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS) ...
  • Generic analytical chemistry image
    Chemical attribution of fentanyl: The effect of human metabolism
    29 Mar 2021
    A recent paper in Forensic Chemistry reports the result of a study by HIMS researchers in cooperation with TNO on the chemical profiling of fentanyl in biological samples. The work demonstrates for the first time the ...
  • Cover illustration
    Paper on monomers from carbon dioxide is cover feature of ChemSusChem
    25 Mar 2021
    Eric Schuler, a PhD candidate working with Prof. Gert-Jan M. Gruter and Dr Shiju Raveendran at the University of Amsterdam's Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences, helps to develop a process to turn CO2 into ...
  • Image from paper
    Synergetic enhancement between sorption and diffusion in zeolites with continuum intersecting channels
    12 Mar 2021
    In a paper just published in Science Advances, researchers report synergetic enhancement between sorption and diffusion in zeolites with continuum intersecting channels. The research was performed by a Chinese ...
  • cover art
    Hot Paper on 'alcohol aminase' enzymes is cover feature of Chemistry – A European Journal
    11 Mar 2021
    Research of the Biocatalysis research group led by HIMS associate professor Francesco Mutti features on the cover of Chemistry–A European Journal. The “Hot Paper” reports on the generation of oxidoreductases that ...
  • Mechanistic elucidation of monoalkyltin(iv)-catalyzed esterification
    24 Feb 2021
    In a paper just accepted by the RSC journal Catalysis Science & Technology, HIMS researchers report on the mechanistic investigation of esterification catalyzed by mono-n-butyltin(iv) species, a class of catalysts ...
  • Metrical oxidation states of 1,4-diazadiene derived ligands
    16 Feb 2021
    In a recently published paper in Inorganic Chemistry, PhD student Felix de Zwart from the HomKat group together with chemistry bachelor students Anna Laporte and Bente Reus describe the development of an empirical ...
  • Heterogeneous reactions mixture
    Shedding light on photocatalysis using Bi2O3 semiconductor
    10 Feb 2021
    In a recent paper published in Nature Communications, Prof. Timothy Noël and co-workers at the University of Amsterdam's Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Chemistry (HIMS) present the true nature of the ...
  • thumbnail of videopitch
    Video pitch: Recent applications of retention modelling in liquid chromatography
    27 Jan 2021
    In a paper published earlier this month in the Journal of Separation Science, HIMS PhD student Mimi den Uijl and coworkers provide an overview of recent applications of retention modelling in liquid chromatography. ...